Norwalk-Village Green Chapter Members

December 2014 Christmas Party




The Norwalk-Village Green Chapter of the National Society of Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR) was organized by a group of 18 women on December 16, 1892. The chapter was formed with the express purpose of keeping the memory of the Revolutionary War patriots alive.

The first chapter meeting was held in the drawing room of Mrs. Mary Ellen Mossman Hill, who was the wife of Congressman Ebenezer J. Hill.  One of the charter members was Miss Juliette Betts, whose father was Hezekiah Betts, a Revolutionary War soldier. Juliette was the first patriot’s daughter in Connecticut to become a member and she joined the Norwalk Chapter in 1893, at the age of 88. 

In keeping with their focus on history, education, and patriotism, the Norwalk Chapter of the DAR was responsible for erecting many of the historical markers and monuments commemorating the history of Norwalk along with participating in the programs of the National Society.

In 1950, a second chapter was formed, The Village Green Chapter. The two chapters existed separately for about 10 years and then merged into the Norwalk–Village Green Chapter.

Our other two ‘Real’ Daughters are Frances Lydia Keeler, buried at Saint Matthew’s Parish in Wilton and her sister, Charlotte Keeler Raymond, buried at Lakeview Cemetery in New Canaan. They were the daughters of Justus Keeler, Revolutionary War Patriot.

The Norwalk-Village Green Chapter is one of more than 40 chapters in the state of Connecticut.

OFFICERS 2015 - 2017

Regent - LIsa Grant

Vice Regent - Pat Rubino

Recording Secretary - Adelaiade Waring

Corresponding Secretary - Ellen Sturges

Treasurer - Wendy Carter

Registrar - Suzanne Betts

Chaplain - Madeleine Eckert

Historian - Cathi O'Hara

Librarian - Sharon Cadden

Councilor (1 year) - Elaine Deysenroth

Councilor (2 year) - Ellen Cummings

Councilor - Faith Arnold

Past Norwalk-Village Green Chapter Regents

1961-1964 Mrs. Ward C. Green

1964-1967 Mrs. John U. Steuber

1967-1971 Mrs. Ernest C. Albin

1971-1973 Mrs. James D. Jones

1973-1976 Mrs. Ward C. Green

1976-1979 Mrs. Robert G. Zanesky

1979-1982 Mrs. Beverly L. Rose

1982-1985 Mrs. Ivor Thompson

1985-1988 Mrs. Grace W. Ameden

1988-1990 Mrs. Beverly L. Rose

1990-1993 Mrs. Richard A. Booth

1993-1996 Mrs. George J. Roy

1996-2000 Mrs. Peter E. Dressler

2000-2002 Mrs. Edward J. O'Hara

2002-2003 Mrs. George J. Roy

2003-2005 Mrs. Nancy Roy

2005-2006 Mrs. Richard Moynihan

2006-2008 Mrs. George J. Roy

2008-2013 Ms. Patricia K. Rubino

​2013-2015 Autier Allen-Craft

2015 - 2017 Cathi O'Hara